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Azure Container Registry is a managed Docker registry service based on the open-source Docker Registry v2. Create and maintain Azure container registries to store and manage your private Docker container images. Use container registries in Azure with your existing container development and deployment pipelines, and draw on the body of Docker community expertise.

Getting Started

Getting Started

  1. 1/22/2020, Video, 0:20:14
    Container registries are repositories for storing container images, but who should use them? Which one should we choose and why are they important for cloud native...
  2. 4/6/2017, Video, 0:15:07
    Steve Lasker joins Scott Hanselman to demo & discuss Azure Container Registry, which was in preview since November 2016. Since then, we have received a lot of valuable...

Azure Container Registry Videos

What is a Container Registry and Azure Container Service
1/22/2020, YouTube: Microsoft Developer
The Cloud Native Show - LIVE: Ep. 1
The Cloud Native Show - LIVE: Ep. 1
10/16/2019, YouTube: Microsoft Developer

Azure Container Registry News

3/28/2020, Azure Podcast
Sasha Rosenbaum, a Senior PM from the GitHub team, is back on the show to talk to us about DevOps in the cloud and provides advice on choosing the right tools for your teams. Media...
3/26/2020, Microsoft Azure Blog
Azure Container Registry announces preview support for Azure Private Link, a means to limit network traffic of resources within the Azure network.
3/16/2020, Microsoft Azure Blog
Azure Container Registry team is sharing the preview of Customer Managed Keys (CMK) for data encryption at rest.
11/14/2019, Microsoft Azure Blog
The Azure Container Registry team is happy to announce the preview of audit logs – one of our top items on UserVoice. In this release, we have new Azure portal and command-line interface (CLI)...
11/13/2019, Service Updates
Announcing the public preview of repository-scoped RBAC permissions for Azure Container Registry (ACR).
11/13/2019, Service Updates
Diagnostic logs for Azure Container Registry are now in preview.
11/13/2019, Microsoft Azure Blog
The Azure Container Registry (ACR) team is rolling out the preview of repository scoped role-based access control (RBAC) permissions, our top-voted item on UserVoice.
11/4/2019, Service Updates
Azure Security Center can now scan container images in Azure Container Registry for vulnerabilities. The image scanning works by parsing the container image file, then checking to see whether...
10/16/2019, Service Updates
Azure Container Registry is now generally available in the UAE North region, bringing the total number of Azure regions that it's available in to 33. See the list of all regions where Azure...