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3/24/2020, Azure Podcast
The team gets together to share personal thoughts and experiences on working at home for extended periods of time and how Azure and other cloud vendors are helping the cause during this difficult...
3/18/2020, Service Updates
We are excited to be rolling out new speaking styles for newscast, voice assistant, and customer service scenarios for our English and Chinese neural voices.
2/24/2020, Service Updates
To continue providing speech recognition and translation capabilities in your current Bing Speech applications, you’ll need to migrate them to Speech Services and the Speech SDK
2/24/2020, Service Updates
Cognitive Services Computer Vision Read API of is now available in v3.0 (in preview). Read features the newest models for optical character recognition (OCR), allowing you to extract text from...
2/19/2020, Azure Podcast
Senior Azure PM Varun Shandilya talks to the team about Spot VMs and gives us some great tips on tricks on when and how to leverage these low-cost VM SKUs. Media file:...
2/7/2020, Service Updates
The sentiment analysis v3 feature of Cognitive Services Text Analytics now supports Korean in addition to English, Japanese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Italian, French,...