Azure Cognitive Services



Learning Paths

Process and classify images with the Azure Cognitive Vision Services
Published: 2/25/2019, Length: 2:42:00
Microsoft Cognitive Services offers pre-built functionality to enable computer vision functionality in your applications. Learn how to use the Cognitive Vision Services to detect faces, tag and classify images, and identify objects
Implement knowledge mining with Azure Cognitive Search
Published: 9/25/2020, Length: 2:35:00
Do you have information locked up in structured and unstructured data sources? Using Azure Cognitive Search, you can extract key insights from this data, and enable applications to search and analyze them.
Create conversational AI solutions
Published: 9/9/2020, Length: 1:56:00
Conversational AI revolves around user interactions, in this case through Bots. In this learning path, you will learn how to create chat bots and integrate the bot with various AI services to add intelligence to the interaction. Learn how to integrate the QnA Maker Service (an easy method to add question and answers for bots), and explore the new Virtual Assistant scenarios for creating...

Learning Modules

Recognize and synthesize speech
Published: 9/13/2020, Length: 0:29:00
Translate speech with the speech service
Published: 9/26/2020, Length: 0:18:00
Build a Web App with Refreshable Machine Learning Models
Published: 2/11/2020, Length: 1:22:00
Detect objects in images with the Custom Vision service
Published: 9/13/2020, Length: 0:39:00

Azure Cognitive Services News

11/27/2020, MS Tech Community
  Global AI Student Conference 12 December 2020 from 09:00 till 17:00 GMT+00:00 Europe/London Join the Global AI Student Conference for students by students and learn all about...
11/26/2020, MS Tech Community
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is driving innovative solutions across all industries, but with machine learning (ML) applying a paradigm change to how we approach building products, we are all...
11/24/2020, MS Tech Community
XR Tea Party: BabylonJS & WebXRAysegul Yonet     Azure Stack Hub Partner Solutions Series - Cloud AssertThomas Maurer This week, Tiberiu Radu (Azure Stack Hub PM) and I, had the chance to speak...
11/23/2020, MS Tech Community
We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 83 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers...
11/19/2020, MS Tech Community
Another busy week for cloud services at Microsoft.  Here are the news items the team at AzUpdate are covering this week: New Priority Account capabilities now available in Microsoft 365, Azure...
11/19/2020, MS Tech Community
This post is co-authored with Xianghao Tang, Lihui Wang, Jun-Wei Gan, Gang Wang,  Garfield He, Xu Tan and Sheng Zhao   Neural Text-to-Speech (Neural TTS), part of Speech in Azure Cognitive...
11/18/2020, MS Tech Community
Build Bots for Teams Using Power Automate - Getting Started with AtBot      Note: This article applies to our Enterprise and US Government customers located in GCC.     Bots in Teams are a great...
11/18/2020, MS Tech Community
Build Bots for Teams Using Power Automate - Getting Started with AtBot      Note: This article applies to our Enterprise and US Government customers located in GCC.     Bots in Teams are a great...
11/17/2020, Service Updates
Speech service adds 10 new neural Text to Speech (TTS) voices and announces general availability of Neural TTS in containers.
11/16/2020, MS Tech Community
Are you interested in wanting to leverage AI services and learn more about what’s on offer? Wanting to explore what it takes to get your Azure AI Fundamentals Certification? If so, this event is...
11/9/2020, Service Updates
The next version of QnA Maker introduces state-of-art deep learning technologies and advances several core capabilities like better relevance and precise answering.
10/27/2020, MS Industry Podcast
In our first panel episode, Microsoft partners discuss effective digital experiences that are driving ecommerce systems and the supply chain. We hear from our panel of thought leaders about how...
10/22/2020, MS Dev Blogs
Analyzing the recorded audio, video, or chat history, as well as the average conversation time can be very helpful. We can find this kind of data in the call centers which are company hubs for...
10/20/2020, Service Updates
Use Translator to add Canadian French translation to your apps, products, and workflows.
10/20/2020, MS Tech Community
Hi there, welcome to another feature release blog of the Azure CLI. Today we will be sharing with you some of the recent Azure CLI work done related to announcements atenabled several end-to-end...
10/14/2020, Service Updates
Computer Vision, part of Azure Cognitive Services, now offers an updated image captioning capability that has achieved human parity based on the Novel Object Captioning at Scale (NOCAPS) benchmark.
9/22/2020, Service Updates
General availability updates in Azure Cognitive Services Decision, Speech, and containers categories.
9/22/2020, Service Updates
Preview capabilities in Azure Cognitive Services Decision, Vision, and containers categories.
8/27/2020, Service Updates
Immersive Reader is an Azure Cognitive Service for developers who want to embed inclusive capabilities into their apps for enhancing text reading and comprehension for users regardless of age or...
Announcing the general availability of Immersive Reader and other enhancements to improve learning engagement.