Azure Cognitive Search (formerly known as "Azure Search") is a search-as-a-service cloud solution that gives developers APIs and tools for adding a rich search experience over private, heterogeneous content in web, mobile, and enterprise applications. Your code or a tool invokes data ingestion (indexing) to create and load an index. Optionally, you can add cognitive skills to apply AI processes during indexing. Doing so can add new information and structures useful for search and other scenarios.

Getting Started

Getting Started

  1. 10/23/2020, Lab
    This accelerator provides developers with all of the resources they need to quickly build an initial Knowledge Mining prototype with Azure Cognitive Search. Use this...
  2. 10/23/2020, Lab
    During this lab, we will be exploring a data set that is comprised of clinical trials in PDF format. This demo data set contains over 100 records which contain complex medical...


Learning Paths

Implement knowledge mining with Azure Cognitive Search
Published: 9/25/2020, Length: 2:35:00
Do you have information locked up in structured and unstructured data sources? Using Azure Cognitive Search, you can extract key insights from this data, and enable applications to search and analyze them.

Learning Modules

Create an Azure Cognitive Search solution
Published: 9/19/2020, Length: 0:46:00
Create a knowledge store with Azure Cognitive Search
Published: 9/19/2020, Length: 0:48:00
Create an enrichment pipeline with Azure Cognitive Search
Published: 9/19/2020, Length: 1:01:00
Introduction to Azure Cognitive Search
Published: 6/13/2019, Length: 0:53:00

Azure Cognitive Search News

11/26/2020, MS Tech Community
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is driving innovative solutions across all industries, but with machine learning (ML) applying a paradigm change to how we approach building products, we are all...
11/23/2020, MS Tech Community
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11/16/2020, MS Tech Community
Are you interested in wanting to leverage AI services and learn more about what’s on offer? Wanting to explore what it takes to get your Azure AI Fundamentals Certification? If so, this event is...
Data is growing exponentially, and over 80 percent of data is unstructured, creating a challenge for organizations to find and surface the right information to their customers. What organizations...
9/22/2020, Service Updates
You can now request Azure Cognitive Search to create an outbound private endpoint connection in order to securely access data from such data sources via indexers . You can also create identity...