Azure Cloud Shell is an interactive, authenticated, browser-accessible shell for managing Azure resources. It provides the flexibility of choosing the shell experience that best suits the way you work, either Bash or PowerShell.

Getting Started

Getting Started

  1. 1/20/2020, Website
    Browser-based terminal for connecting to Azure and running commands there.


Learning Paths

Store data in Azure
Published: 1/31/2018, Length: 3:50:00
This learning path gets you started with the basics of storage management in Azure, Storage Account creation, and choices for data storage.
Implement Windows Server IaaS VM Identity
Published: 10/1/2020, Length: 2:28:00
After completing this learning path, you’ll know how to implement identity in Azure. You’ll be able to extend an existing on-premises Active Directory identity service into Azure.
Implement a Windows Server hybrid cloud infrastructure
Published: 9/24/2020, Length: 7:10:00
You will learn how to address problems relating to the migration of on-premises workloads into Azure. After completing the learning path, you will be able to implement a hybrid Azure infrastructure.

Learning Modules

Implement Windows Server IaaS VM network security
Published: 9/25/2020, Length: 1:09:00
Audit the security of Windows Server IaaS Virtual Machines
Published: 9/24/2020, Length: 0:45:00
Connect an app to Azure Storage
Published: 9/24/2018, Length: 1:15:00

Azure Cloud Shell News

4/23/2022, MS Tech Community
Since released from July last year, AlphaFold2 protein folding algorithm is often used by more researchers and companies to drive more innovations for molecular analysis, drug discovery & etc. To...
4/20/2022, MS Tech Community
This blog will talk about some common issues you may meet when you try to upgrade your Azure function from older runtime version to newer (eg. ~4) and the causes/resolutions.   Public Doc: Blog...
4/13/2022, MS Tech Community
Scenario Deploy a Logic App’s API Connection (ex: Azure Blob Storage) while storing the credentials in Key Vault.   This example uses the Azure Blob Storage connector with the Authentication type...
3/30/2022, MS Tech Community
Who is impacted?   All VM Insights customers on Linux running Dependency Agent with versions 9.10.12 or below will be impacted.    What is the impact?  Dependency Agent for Linux versions 9.10.12...
3/30/2022, MS Tech Community
In this post, I'll show you how to create your jump server using Apache Guacamole, an open-source tool that provides similar functionalities to Azure Bastion.   The environment to be built will...
Access, visualize and analyze digitally modeled environments as they change over time   As the virtual and physical worlds come together, we are seeing the emergence of a new platform layer...
3/27/2022, MS Tech Community
Good Vibes Generator overview Idea   A Microsoft Teams bot We want Good Vibes. The world is a tough place to be and we all can use some positive affirmations and a little pep talk. Wouldn't it...
3/24/2022, MS Tech Community
Since I started working for the "Cloud Giants" some 7 years ago I have been on a journey. This journey always involves changing as much technology in my house to use the given platform, and with...
2/15/2022, MS Tech Community
Microsoft released Azure Bastion as a way to connect with a remote session into a virtual machine (VM) on Microsoft Azure, without needing to have the VM’s RDP port available on the internet. Now...
1/24/2022, MS Tech Community
Introduction Microsoft Defender for SQL contains several plans: Microsoft Defender for Azure SQL database servers, Microsoft Defender for SQL servers on machines, and there is a third plan for...
1/24/2022, MS Tech Community
Hello, dear readers! My name is Hélder Pinto, I am an Azure Infra Customer Engineer based in Portugal, working mostly with customers in Western Europe, and I am back here to share with you some...
12/23/2021, MS Tech Community
In Azure Development, we regularly test SAP workloads on Azure infrastructure. The intention is not to do quality assurance of SAP products. Instead, we want to ensure that Azure works well with...
12/22/2021, MS Tech Community
You likely heard of or currently use oh-my-zsh for your terminal on Linux or Mac, or WSL on Windows. It might also be possible to have heard of or currently use oh-my-posh for your PowerShell....
12/19/2021, MS Tech Community
Azure Log Analytics and Automation Account (Update Management) Introduction Many of our customers would like to start patching servers as soon as possible using a single Update Management...
12/13/2021, MS Tech Community
    Recently, I did a live streaming session for the New York City Microsoft Reactor in which I took concepts from the Quickstart: Deploy Bicep files by using GitHub Actions doc and put them...
11/29/2021, MS Tech Community
 Need to ssh into an Azure Virtual Machine but don't have much more than a browser? Don't worry, Azure has already thought about that. With people working remotely or on the go, it's nice to...