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The backup tools in Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 Essentials, and System Center 2012 Data Protection Manager, working together with the Microsoft Azure Backup Service, allow the creation of (incremental or full) backups of local systems in Microsoft Azure Storage. Backups can then be loaded very easily on any server systems as needed.

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  1. Azure Backup Learning Path
    9/27/2016, Webpage
  2. Getting Started with Azure – Backup Vaults & Policies
    1/5/2017, Blog
  3. Hybrid IT Management Part 2: Cloud-Enabled Protection
    8/18/2017, Mva

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Azure Documentation

1. Azure Backup Documentation
2. Overview
     2.1. What is Azure Backup?
3. Quickstarts
     3.1. Back up a VM - Portal
     3.2. Back up a VM - PowerShell
     3.3. Back up a VM - CLI
4. Tutorials
     4.1. Back up Azure VMs at scale
     4.2. Restore a disk
     4.3. Restore individual files
     4.4. Back up Windows Server
     4.5. Restore files to Windows Server
5. Samples
     5.1. Azure PowerShell
6. Concepts
     6.1. FAQ
          6.1.1. FAQ on Recovery Services vault
          6.1.2. FAQ on Azure VM backup
          6.1.3. FAQ on file-folder backup using Azure Backup agent
          6.1.4. FAQ on auto-upgrade of backup vault
     6.2. Role-Based Access Control
     6.3. Security for hybrid backups
     6.4. Configure offline-backup
     6.5. Replace your tape library
7. How to
     7.1. Azure Backup Server
          7.1.1. Azure Backup Server protection matrix
          7.1.2. Install or upgrade
      Prepare Azure Backup Server workloads in Azure portal
      Prepare Azure Backup Server workloads in classic portal
      Add storage to Azure Backup Server
      Upgrade Azure Backup Server to v.2
      Unattended installation of Azure Backup Server
          7.1.3. Protect workloads
      Use Azure Backup Server to back up a VMware server
      Use Azure Backup Server to back up Exchange
      Use Azure Backup Server to back up a SharePoint farm
      Use Azure Backup Server to back up SQL
      Protect system state and bare metal recovery
          7.1.4. Recover data from Azure Backup Server
     7.2. Azure VMs
          7.2.1. Prepare the VM
      Prepare Resource Manager-deployed virtual machines
      Application consistent backups of Linux VMs
      Prepare Azure virtual machines
          7.2.2. Plan your environment
      Plan VM backup infrastructure
          7.2.3. Back up VMs
      Back up Azure virtual machines to a Recovery Services vault
      Back up encrypted virtual machines
      Back up Azure virtual machines
          7.2.4. Manage and monitor VMs
      Manage Azure VM backups in Azure portal
      Monitor alerts for Azure VM backups in Azure portal
      Manage and monitor Azure VM backups in classic portal
          7.2.5. Restore data from VMs
      Recover files from Azure VM backups
      Restore Resource Manager-deployed VMs in Azure portal
      Restore encrypted virtual machines
      Restore virtual machines in Azure
      Restore Key Vault key and secret for encrypted VMs
     7.3. Configure Azure Backup reports
          7.3.1. Configure Azure Backup reports
          7.3.2. Data model for Azure Backup reports
          7.3.3. Log Analytics data model for Azure Backup
     7.4. Data Protection Manager
          7.4.1. Prepare DPM workloads in Azure portal
          7.4.2. Prepare DPM workloads in classic portal
          7.4.3. Use System Center DPM to back up Exchange server
          7.4.4. Recover data to an alternate DPM server
          7.4.5. Use DPM to back up SQL Server workloads
          7.4.6. Use DPM to back up a SharePoint farm
     7.5. Use Azure PowerShell
          7.5.1. Azure VMs in Azure portal
          7.5.2. Azure VMs in classic portal
          7.5.3. DPM in Azure portal
          7.5.4. DPM in classic portal
          7.5.5. Windows Server in Azure portal
          7.5.6. Windows Server in classic portal
     7.6. Azure SQL Database
          7.6.1. Configure long-term backup retention
          7.6.2. View backups in a Recovery Services vault
          7.6.3. Restore from long-term backup retention
          7.6.4. Delete long-term Azure SQL backups
     7.7. Windows Server
          7.7.1. Back up Windows Server files and folders
          7.7.2. Back up Windows Server System State
          7.7.3. Recover files from Azure to Windows Server
          7.7.4. Restore Windows Server System State
          7.7.5. Monitor and manage Recovery Services vaults
          7.7.6. Back up and restore using the classic portal
      Windows Server using the classic deployment model
      Manage Backup vaults using the classic deployment model
      Recover files to a Windows Server using the classic deployment model
     7.8. Recovery Services vault
          7.8.1. Overview of Recovery Services vaults
          7.8.2. Upgrading a Backup vault to Recovery Services vault
          7.8.3. Delete a Recovery Services vault
     7.9. Troubleshoot
          7.9.1. Azure VM backup problems in Azure portal
          7.9.2. Azure VM backup problems in classic portal
          7.9.3. Azure VM Backup fails: Could not communicate with the VM agent for snapshot status - Snapshot VM sub task timed out
          7.9.4. Slow backup of files and folders in Azure Backup
          7.9.5. Troubleshoot Azure Backup Server
8. Reference
     8.1. Azure PowerShell
     8.2. .NET
9. Resources
     9.1. Azure Roadmap
     9.2. MSDN forum
     9.3. Pricing
     9.4. Pricing calculator
     9.5. Service updates
     9.6. Videos

Web Content

Content Type
Azure Backup Learning Path Webpage

Online Training Content

Date Title
8/18/2017 Hybrid IT Management Part 2: Cloud-Enabled Protection
1/19/2016 Design and Implement Cloud Data Platform Solutions
12/14/2015 Modernize Your Datacenter
1/20/2015 Hybrid Cloud Workloads: Disaster Recovery and High Availability
12/30/2014 Microsoft Business Continuity
8/26/2014 Hybrid Cloud Workloads: Storage and Backup
8/26/2014 Hybrid Cloud Workloads: Disaster Recovery and High Availability


Tool Description


Date Title Length
10/5/2017 Protect your data with Microsoft Azure Backup | BRK3132 1:07:07
9/30/2017 Azure IaaS design and performance considerations: Best practices and learnings from the field 0:55:46
9/28/2017 Microsoft Azure Stack business continuity and disaster recovery 0:46:42
9/27/2017 Business continuity for your business running in IaaS 1:11:53
7/6/2017 Backup Private cloud deployments on WS 2016 using SC 2016 DPM 0:04:58
7/6/2017 Backup file server on WS2016 to Azure 0:04:24
7/6/2017 Backup Azure IaaS VMs running WS 2016 0:03:08
7/6/2017 Backup WS2016 with WSB 0:02:50
5/31/2017 Protect Windows Server System State with Azure Backup 0:05:22
5/29/2017 Modern Backup Storage with Azure Backup Server on Windows Server 2016- Part 2 of 2 0:03:52

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