The backup tools in Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 Essentials, and System Center 2012 Data Protection Manager, working together with the Microsoft Azure Backup Service, allow the creation of (incremental or full) backups of local systems in Microsoft Azure Storage. Backups can then be loaded very easily on any server systems as needed.

Getting Started

Getting Started

  1. 3/14/2019, Video, 0:01:44
    With Azure Backup, you will eliminate infrastructure costs, protect against ransomware, and simplify data protection. Learn more:
  2. 3/19/2018, Blog
    Tim Tetrick   Hello Microsoft Cloud Partners! One of the first services that we see a lot of partners and customers getting started with in Azure is Azure Backup.  I recorded...
  3. 11/5/2019, Video, 0:45:00
    Find out how Azure Backup comprehensively protects your data assets in Azure through a simple, secure, and cost-effective solution that requires zero-infrastructure. In this...
  4. 9/27/2017, Video, 1:11:53
    Learn how Microsoft Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery protect your enterprise data and applications while reducing costs and limiting downtime. We outline the current...
  5. 8/18/2017, Trainings
    If you’re wondering how the cloud can enhance your ability to protect and recover on-premises data and workloads, be sure to check out this course, the second in a multi-part...


Learning Paths

AZ-104: Monitor and back up Azure resources
Published: 5/14/2020, Length: 6:27:00
Learn how to monitor and back up Azure resources and prepare for Exam AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator.
Monitor and back up resources for Azure administrators
Published: 5/15/2020, Length: 6:27:00
Learn how to monitor and back up Azure resources.
Architect migration, business continuity, and disaster recovery in Azure
Published: 10/23/2019, Length: 6:36:00
Learn how to migrate resources to Azure, how to provide site recovery for your applications in Azure and on-premises, and how to your applications are available through service interruptions and changes in load.

Learning Modules

Protect your virtual machines by using Azure Backup
Published: 8/27/2019, Length: 0:35:00
Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework - Reliability
Published: 5/19/2020, Length: 0:59:00
Design your site recovery solution in Azure
Published: 11/18/2019, Length: 0:44:00

Azure Backup News

11/30/2020, MS Tech Community
We have received couple of requests from Azure customers (Standard/Premium) on how can they audit Azure SQL DB less than 35days retention period.   Adding more context into this, 7 days by...
11/30/2020, MS Tech Community
If you've built and managed Windows Servers in an on-premises environment, you may have a set of configuration steps as well as regular process and monitoring alerts, to ensure that server is as...
11/26/2020, MS Tech Community
It might be snowing in parts of the Northern Hemisphere, but we won't let that stop us from sharing Azure news with you.  News covered this week includes: New Azure Portal updates for November...
11/25/2020, Service Updates
You can now leverage Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template to configure backup for Azure file shares.
11/23/2020, MS Tech Community
We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 83 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers...
11/18/2020, Microsoft Azure Blog
If you have opted for Azure Database for PostgreSQL server, you are probably looking for a fully managed, intelligent, and flexible cloud database service that enables you to focus on building...
11/17/2020, Service Updates
The permissions required by a Azure Backup user for SAP HANA backup is now much simpler and automatically handled by a simple script from Azure Backup.
11/17/2020, Service Updates
Azure Backup for SAP HANA now supports HANA incremental backups which allows you to have faster and more cost-effective backups.
11/17/2020, MS Tech Community
By: Adrian Moore | Sr. PM – Microsoft Endpoint Manager - Intune   The following article helps IT Pros and mobile device administrators understand some of the finer details regarding iOS device...
11/12/2020, MS Tech Community
1. Update to SAP on Azure Documentation Several important updates to Azure documentation have been made recently. Customers and Partners are recommended to regularly review the SAP on Azure...
11/4/2020, Service Updates
Soft Delete for Azure Backup for SQL and SAP HANA in Azure Virtual Machines is now generally available.
Azure IoT Hub on Azure Stack Hub (ASH) is now in Public Preview! IoT Hub today connects millions of devices so you can monitor, manage, and operate your devices from the cloud. Deploying IoT Hub...
10/29/2020, MS Tech Community
At Microsoft Ignite 2020 the team announce Azure Automanage, which is an exciting new preview service which aims to simplify the management of Windows Server virtual machines.   When you deploy a...
10/23/2020, MS Tech Community
Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Deep Dive Free CourseMohamed Radwan is Azure DevOps MVP who focuses on providing solutions for the various roles involved in software development and delivery. Over...
While 2020 may be keeping you on your toes, September should help make your life a little bit easier with the general availability of AWS support in Azure Cost Management + Billing, allowing you...
This past week at Ignite, we announced many new capabilities in Azure Backup to help customers scale their data protection to the evolving needs of their business. Lets recap on all the new...
9/22/2020, Service Updates
Azure Backup now supports Azure Virtual Machines with up to 32 attached managed disks. 
9/22/2020, Service Updates
Using the Selective disks backup feature, you get an option to backup subset of the data disks in an Azure Virtual Machine.
9/22/2020, Service Updates
Pre-packaged script based solution to get application consistent snapshots for Oracle and MySQL DBs. Just provide connection information and workload name and leverage the instant restore benefit...
9/22/2020, Service Updates
Azure Backup now supports storing backup data in Zone redundant storages (ZRS). Customers can leverage this capability to improve the resiliency of their backup data against data center outages.