Automation greatly facilitates the management of Azure resources by enabling the automation of tasks such as the creation of resources, their deployment, monitoring, and administration as part of a workflow-based engine. Associated resources (e.g., a cloud service with associated storage account and Active Directory setup) can be created and managed using what are referred to as "runbooks." The individual resources then no longer have to be created individually and separately.

Getting Started

Getting Started

  1. 9/27/2016, Webpage
    Microsoft Azure Automation provides a way for users to automate the manual, long-running, error-prone, and frequently repeated tasks that are commonly performed in a cloud and...
  2. 8/30/2018, Video, 0:13:27
    Jenny Hunter joins Scott Hanselman to discuss Azure Automation, which has seen several new improvements including support for Python 2, the ability to run against local Linux...
  3. 10/2/2018, Video, 0:36:57
    Automation accounts are just the beginning. This session covers creating automation jobs using Azure Automation Runbooks, Logic Apps, Functions, and Microsoft Power BI to make...
  4. 3/11/2016, Ebook
    This ebook introduces a fairly new feature of Microsoft Azure called Azure Automation. Using a highly scalable workflow execution environment, Azure Automation allows you to...
  5. 5/4/2015, Video, 1:33:34
    With Azure Automation, customers have a powerful new tool to manage their Microsoft Azure resources and external systems. In this session, we cover core Azure Automation...


Learning Paths

AZ-400: Define and implement continuous integration
Published: 6/25/2020, Length: 11:40:00
Create automated pipelines that continuously build, test, and deploy your applications and prepare for Exam AZ-400: Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions.
Administer infrastructure resources in Azure
Published: 10/24/2019, Length: 10:59:00
This learning path teaches how to create and customize Windows and Linux virtual machines, connect them to virtual networks, and keep them updated.

Learning Modules

Keep your virtual machines updated
Published: 1/7/2020, Length: 0:35:00

Azure Automation News

11/26/2020, MS Tech Community
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is driving innovative solutions across all industries, but with machine learning (ML) applying a paradigm change to how we approach building products, we are all...
11/25/2020, MS Tech Community
We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 81 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers...
11/20/2020, MS Tech Community
Reinforcement Learning in gamingEva Pardi is an AI MVP, Software Developer and Data Scientist based in Denmark. Eva works at Laerdal, a company which provides training for nurses and doctors all...
11/18/2020, MS Tech Community
Earlier this year, I explained our principles about Azure PowerShell releases. On October 27, we released a major version update whose significant change was in performing the authentication to...
11/16/2020, MS Tech Community
Welcome to our SC ’20 virtual events blog.  In this blog we share all the related Microsoft content at SC ’20 to help you discover relevant content more quickly.   Note: There are 2 categories...
11/16/2020, MS Tech Community
We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 97 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers...
11/16/2020, MS Tech Community
Are you interested in wanting to leverage AI services and learn more about what’s on offer? Wanting to explore what it takes to get your Azure AI Fundamentals Certification? If so, this event is...
11/14/2020, MS Tech Community
After several last minutes improvements and bugfixes this week, SharePointDsc v4.4 saw the daylight on Saturday November 14th. This version contains a lot of bugfixes that were fixed over the...
Azure IoT Edge devices can now be nested to securely collect data across networks organized in hierarchical layers. Industrial customers commonly use layered networks to isolate and secure their...
11/10/2020, Service Updates
Automate tasks across Azure & Non-Azure environment using Powershell and Python based scripts.
10/30/2020, MS Tech Community
Students join the Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador program for all kinds of reasons, and when they get here, they have big plans.   We wanted to share insights from our Student Ambassador...
10/29/2020, Service Updates
Azure Automation is now available in Switzerland North region
10/29/2020, MS Tech Community
At Microsoft Ignite 2020 the team announce Azure Automanage, which is an exciting new preview service which aims to simplify the management of Windows Server virtual machines.   When you deploy a...
10/23/2020, MS Tech Community
Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Deep Dive Free CourseMohamed Radwan is Azure DevOps MVP who focuses on providing solutions for the various roles involved in software development and delivery. Over...
10/21/2020, MS Tech Community
Automation in Cloud App Security: Auto-disable Malicious Inbox Rule     By @Caroline_Lee & @Sebastien Molendijk    Welcome back to the Automation in Cloud App Security blog series. For those of...
10/21/2020, MS Tech Community
  Quick recap on the blog series & high-level challenges:   This blog forms part of a series showcasing the impact SMC has had in securing our customer’s cloud-based identities. If you haven’t...
7/9/2020, Service Updates
You can now use Azure Private Link to securely connect virtual networks to Azure Automation using private endpoints (in preview).
6/23/2020, Service Updates
To support new features in Azure Automation, like Azure Private Links, the automation URLs have been updated. Instead of region-specific URLs, there are now account-specific URLs.
6/22/2020, Service Updates
Azure Automation is now available in the USGov Arizona region.