Azure Artifacts News

Azure Artifacts, part of Azure DevOps, is a package and binary management service supporting .NET (NuGet), Java (Maven), Python (PyPi) and JavaScript (npm) packages. We undertook a lot of...
11/8/2019, Service Updates
Azure Artifacts now allows creating public feeds (shared with every unauthenticated user on the Internet) or project-scoped ones
9/25/2019, YouTube: DevOps at Microsoft [0:07:50]
In this video, Anisha Pindoria and Sasha Rosenbaum, from the Azure DevOps Program Management team, discuss new features in the latest release of Microsoft’s DevOps service, Azure DevOps Services....
Azure Artifacts, part of Azure DevOps, offers the ability to host and share Maven, npm, NuGet, and Python package feeds within your organization. Over time, one of the most consistent requests...