Azure Analysis Services



Service Description

Built on the proven analytics engine in Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, Azure Analysis Services provides enterprise-grade data modeling in the cloud.

Azure Analysis Services is compatible with the same SQL Server 2016 Analysis Services Enterprise Edition you already know. Azure Analysis Services supports tabular models at the 1200 compatibility level. DirectQuery, partitions, row-level security, bi-directional relationships, and translations are all supported.


Getting Started

  1. 12/15/2016, Video, 0:17:03
    Christian Wade stops by Azure Friday to speak with Scott about Azure Analysis Services. Built on the proven analytics engine in Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, Azure...
  2. 12/7/2016, Video, 0:05:53
    High level overview of Microsoft's Azure Analysis Services, which is part of Microsoft's overall BI offerings to help organizations gain insights from their data.
  3. 1/30/2017, Video, 0:17:04
    Learn about getting an unfair advantage with predictive analytics: Built on the proven analytics engine in Microsoft SQL Server Analysis...
  4. 12/8/2016, Blog
    Azure Analysis Services is a new preview service in Microsoft Azure where you can host semantic data models. Users in your organization can then connect to your data models...

Azure Analysis Services News

12/9/2019, Power BI Blog
Puzzled when to use Power BI Premium vs Azure Analysis Services? Power BI Premium is where future investments will be made but there are things to consider when making a choice.
10/12/2019, Service Updates
Azure Analysis Services QPU AutoScale enables automatic customizable scaling for AAS instances.
10/4/2019, Service Updates
We are pleased to announce that SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) for Analysis Services now supports tabular models with 1500 compatibility level.
9/20/2019, Service Updates
Two new SKUs for Azure Analysis Services, S8V2 and S9V2, are now available. These SKUs are based on next-generation hardware and have double the QPU (abstraction of CPU) of the existing S8/S9 SKUs.
9/17/2019, Service Updates
A new Azure Analysis Services setting now in development will improve performance and consistency of query-replica synchronization in scale-out environments.
9/17/2019, Service Updates
Get targeted log analysis with improvements to the Diagnostic Logs extension of Azure Analysis Services. Diagnostic Logs now allow you to access and break out server metrics for each query...
9/17/2019, Service Updates
Synchronization of query replicas in Azure Analysis Services scale-out environments now uses an optimized copy API, which significantly reduces synchronization time on average.
8/21/2019, Power BI Blog
We are excited to announce RC1 of SQL Server 2019 Analysis Services (SSAS 2019). The SSAS 2019 release is now feature complete! We may still make performance improvements for the RTM release. RC1...
8/8/2019, Power BI Blog
With the public preview available for “Multi-Protocol Access” on Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2, now AAS can use the Blob API to access files in ADLSg2. Check how to do it!