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  1. 2/9/2016, Video, 0:06:05
    Corey Sanders, Director of Program Management on the Microsoft Azure Compute team walks through the concepts and benefits of Azure Active Directory Domain Services and how it...
  2. 11/15/2016, Video, 0:09:42
    Corey Sanders, Director of Program Management on the Microsoft Azure Compute team talks with Mahesh Unnikrishnan a Principal PM on the Azure AD team to talk about some cool...

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Azure AD Domain Services Documentation

1. Azure AD Domain Services Documentation
2. Overview
     2.1. What is Azure AD Domain Services?
     2.2. Is it right for you?
          2.2.1. Compare with Windows Server AD
          2.2.2. Compare with Azure AD join
     2.3. What's new?
     2.4. Features
     2.5. Scenarios
     2.6. How synchronization works
     2.7. Compatible third-party software
3. Get started
     3.1. Task 1: configure basic settings
     3.2. Task 2: configure network settings
     3.3. Task 3: configure administrator group and enable Azure AD Domain Services
     3.4. Task 4: update DNS settings for virtual network
     3.5. Task 5: enable password hash synchronization
4. How to
     4.1. Check a managed domain's health
     4.2. Use Azure AD Domain Services in Azure CSP subscriptions
     4.3. Enable Azure AD Domain Services using PowerShell
     4.4. Configure scoped synchronization from Azure AD to a managed domain
     4.5. Secure your managed domain
     4.6. Join a managed domain
          4.6.1. Windows Server VM
          4.6.2. Windows Server VM from template
          4.6.3. CentOS
          4.6.4. CoreOS
          4.6.5. Red Hat Enterprise Linux
          4.6.6. Ubuntu Server
     4.7. Administer a managed domain
          4.7.1. Administer a managed domain
          4.7.2. Administer DNS on a managed domain
          4.7.3. Update email notifications
          4.7.4. Configure secure LDAP for a managed domain
      Task 1: obtain a certificate for secure LDAP
      Task 2: export the secure LDAP certificate
      Task 3: enable secure LDAP for the managed domain using Azure portal
      Task 4: configure DNS to access the managed domain from the internet
      Task 5: bind to the managed domain and lock down secure LDAP access
      Troubleshoot secure LDAP
          4.7.5. Create an OU on a managed domain
          4.7.6. Create a group managed service account on a managed domain
          4.7.7. Administer group policy on a managed domain
          4.7.8. Configure password polices on a managed domain
     4.8. Select a virtual network
     4.9. Deploy applications
          4.9.1. Configure support for profile synchronization for SharePoint Server
          4.9.2. Configure Kerberos Constrained Delegation
          4.9.3. Deploy Azure AD Application Proxy
     4.10. Delete a managed domain
     4.11. Troubleshoot
          4.11.1. FAQs
          4.11.2. Troubleshooting guide
          4.11.3. Troubleshoot alerts
      Fix a broken NSG configuration
      Restore missing service principals
      Secure LDAP errors
          4.11.4. Resolve mismatched tenant errors
          4.11.5. Suspended domains
5. Reference
     5.1. Code samples
6. Related
     6.1. Azure Active Directory
     6.2. Azure Active Directory B2C
     6.3. Multi-Factor Authentication
7. Resources
     7.1. Azure AD feedback forum
     7.2. Azure Roadmap
     7.3. Contact us
     7.4. Pricing
     7.5. Pricing calculator
     7.6. Service updates

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