Service Description

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) B2C is an identity management service that enables you to customize and control how customers sign up, sign in, and manage their profiles when using your applications. This includes applications developed for iOS, Android, and .NET, among others. Azure AD B2C integrates with various identity providers that users can choose from.

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Getting Started

  1. 4/1/2017, Whitepaper
    This document is intended for IT professionals, system architects, and developers who are interested in understanding how Azure AD B2C help managing identities for their...
  2. 3/30/2016, Video, 0:12:56
    Consumer identities are at the core of every consumer-facing application. Developers who manage them are facing growing challenges around cost, scalability and security. In...
  3. 5/9/2018, Video, 0:19:02
    When you are building an application for unknown users, many complications can arise.  This session will show you how to build applications that are more secure and easier to...
  4. 2/10/2017, Video, 1:15:10
    Your applications create connections with consumers but how should you manage and protect your consumers’ identities? Azure Active Directory B2C is a consumer identity and...
  5. 10/11/2017, Video, 0:35:44
    Getting your customers to seamlessly sign-up or sign-in to an application is paramount to its success. Achieving this at scale while following constantly evolving security...
  6. 2/10/2017, Video, 1:19:19
    Simon and Chris will build on the concepts presented in their previous sessions. They will drill into more specific implementations using B2C and it's extensible policy...
  7. 5/6/2018, Video, 1:15:20
    Every modern organization on the planet needs to connect with external partners and customers to be successful. Come have a look at how you can create experiences to onboard...

Azure AD B2C News

12/4/2019, Service Updates
On December 4th, 2020, the endpoint will be deprecated for accessing B2C tenants. Existing tenants will need to move onto before that date, and all...
8/15/2019, Service Updates
Use any OpenID Connect (OIDC) identity provider in the built-in user flows in Azure AD B2C.
8/15/2019, Service Updates
Applications can now get the identity provider's access token passed through as part of the Azure AD B2C token.