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Automation greatly facilitates the management of Azure resources by enabling the automation of tasks such as the creation of resources, their deployment, monitoring, and administration as part of a workflow-based engine. Associated resources (e.g., a cloud service with associated storage account and Active Directory setup) can be created and managed using what are referred to as "runbooks." The individual resources then no longer have to be created individually and separately.

Getting Started

  1. 8/31/2016, Video, 0:12:09
    Understanding Operations Management Suite Automation.
  2. 5/31/2017, Mva
    Azure Automation is an Azure service that provides a way for users to automate the manual, long-running, error-prone, and frequently repeated tasks that are commonly performed...
  3. 8/31/2016, Video, 0:15:39
    Getting Started with Operations Management Suite Automation.
  4. 8/14/2014, Mva
    Check out this course to explore the process of automating the cloud with Azure Automation. Find out how to get started and how to connect to Microsoft Azure. Learn how to...
  5. 3/11/2016, Ebook
    This ebook introduces a fairly new feature of Microsoft Azure called Azure Automation. Using a highly scalable workflow execution environment, Azure Automation allows you to...
  6. 5/4/2015, Video, 1:33:34
    With Azure Automation, customers have a powerful new tool to manage their Microsoft Azure resources and external systems. In this session, we cover core Azure Automation...

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Microsoft Azure Essentials: Azure Automation Ebook

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5/31/2017 Azure210x - Automating Azure Workloads
8/14/2014 Automating the Cloud with Azure Automation


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CloudMonix CloudMonix enhances Microsoft Azure by providing deep monitoring of most of Azure's infrastructure via live dashboards, ability to self-heal from many different production issues, on-demand historical performance and uptime reports, customizable alerts & notifications, sophisticated auto-scaling engine, integration to third party systems, and a lot more.


Date Title Length
3/1/2017 Azure Analysis Services Programmability and Automation Webinar 0:45:46
11/21/2016 Creating an Azure Vending Machine to Show the Possibilities of Azure 0:38:42
8/31/2016 Invoking Operations Management Suite Automation Runbooks 0:12:20
8/31/2016 Migrating Runbooks from System Center Orchestrator to Operations Management Suite Automation 0:25:46
8/31/2016 Operations Management Suite Automation DSC 0:36:01
8/31/2016 Hybrid Cloud Automation with Operations Management Suite Automation 0:17:48
8/31/2016 Utilizing the Automation Gallery for Operations Management Suite Automation Runbooks 0:21:13
8/31/2016 Creating Operations Management Suite Automation Graphical Runbooks 0:31:23
8/31/2016 Building Operations Management Suite Automation Runbooks with PowerShell 0:26:14
8/31/2016 Getting Started with Operations Management Suite Automation 0:15:39

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