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  1. 8/28/2017, Mva
    This technology-agnostic course begins by explaining the benefits of distributed cloud applications with an emphasis on maintaining high-availability and scalability in a...
  2. 12/8/2017, Ebook
    This guide presents a structured approach for designing cloud applications that are scalable, resilient, and highly available. The guidance in this ebook is intended to help...
  3. 2/10/2017, Video, 0:56:41
    One of the benefits of cloud technology that is only just being realised is the greatly reduced risk profile and timelines it enables when designing and delivering robust,...
  4. 9/23/2015, Ebook
    This guide contains twenty-four design patterns and ten related guidance topics that articulate the benefits of applying patterns by showing how each piece can fit into the...
  5. 12/8/2017, Ebook
    We created The Developer’s Guide to Microsoft Azure to help you on your journey to the cloud, whether you’re just considering making the move, or you’ve already decided and...
  6. 5/20/2016, Ebook
    This guide breaks down the “why” and “how” for scenarios suited to the cloud with a focus on building apps using platform services available in Microsoft Azure. The second...

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Azure Documentation

1. Azure Architecture Center
2. Azure Cloud Adoption Guide
     2.1. Foundational Adoption Stage
3. Application Architecture Guide
     3.1. Architecture styles
     3.2. Technology choices
     3.3. Design principles
     3.4. Pillars of software quality
     3.5. Design patterns
4. Data Architecture Guide
5. Reference Architectures
     5.1. App Service web applications
     5.2. Hybrid networks
     5.3. Identity management
     5.4. Jenkins server
     5.5. Network DMZ
     5.6. SAP NetWeaver and SAP HANA
     5.7. SharePoint Server 2016
     5.8. VM workloads (Linux)
     5.9. VM workloads (Windows)
6. Cloud Design Patterns
     6.1. Availability patterns
     6.2. Data management patterns
     6.3. Design and Implementation patterns
     6.4. Management and Monitoring patterns
     6.5. Messaging patterns
     6.6. Performance and scalability patterns
     6.7. Resiliency patterns
     6.8. Security patterns
7. Best Practices
     7.1. API design
     7.2. API implementation
     7.3. Autoscaling
     7.4. Background jobs
     7.5. Caching
     7.6. Content Delivery Network
     7.7. Data partitioning
     7.8. Monitoring and diagnostics
     7.9. Naming conventions
     7.10. Transient fault handling
     7.11. Retry guidance for specific services
8. Performance Antipatterns
     8.1. Busy Database
     8.2. Busy Front End
     8.3. Chatty I/O
     8.4. Extraneous Fetching
     8.5. Improper Instantiation
     8.6. Monolithic Persistence
     8.7. No Caching
     8.8. Synchronous I/O
9. Design Review Checklists
     9.1. Availability
     9.2. DevOps
     9.3. Resiliency
     9.4. Scalability
10. Design for Resiliency
     10.1. Designing resilient applications
     10.2. Resiliency checklist
     10.3. Failure mode analysis
11. Scenario guides
     11.1. Azure for AWS Professionals
     11.2. Manage Identity in Multitenant Applications
     11.3. Migrate from Cloud Services to Service Fabric
     11.4. Refactor an Azure Service Fabric Application migrated from Azure Cloud Services
     11.5. Run Elasticsearch on Azure
     11.6. Extend Azure Resource Manager Template Functionality
12. Resources
     12.1. Azure Roadmap
     12.2. Microsoft Trust Center for Azure
     12.3. Icons and diagrams
     12.4. Calendar of Azure updates
     12.5. Training
     12.6. SQLCAT blog
     12.7. AzureCAT blog
     12.8. White papers

Online Training Content

Date Title
8/28/2017 Architecting Distributed Cloud Applications
1/13/2015 Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions


Tool Description


Date Title Length
12/18/2017 Enable Edge Computing with Azure IoT Edge 1:01:00
12/12/2017 Cloud Tech 10 - 11th December 2017 - Kubernetes, cloud-init, Cloud Foundry and more! 0:07:22
11/21/2017 Cybersecurity Reference Architecture & Strategies: How to Plan for and Implement a Cybersecurity Strategy 0:33:49
9/28/2017 Implement microservices patterns with .NET Core and Docker containers 0:46:21
9/27/2017 Patterns, Architecture, & Best Practices: Scaling Machine Learning Algorithms with Azure 1:09:20
9/21/2017 Deployment Techniques and Linux Containers with .NET Core 2.0 0:53:32
9/18/2017 0:06:36
9/12/2017 Deployment Techniques and Linux Containers with .NET Core 2.0 0:53:31
9/11/2017 Enterprise HDInsight Monitoring with Operations Management Suite 0:26:58
8/17/2017 Design Patterns: Decorator 0:17:20

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