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Built on the proven analytics engine in Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, Azure Analysis Services provides enterprise-grade data modeling in the cloud.

Azure Analysis Services is compatible with the same SQL Server 2016 Analysis Services Enterprise Edition you already know. Azure Analysis Services supports tabular models at the 1200 compatibility level. DirectQuery, partitions, row-level security, bi-directional relationships, and translations are all supported.

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  1. 12/15/2016, Video, 0:17:03
    Christian Wade stops by Azure Friday to speak with Scott about Azure Analysis Services. Built on the proven analytics engine in Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, Azure...
  2. 12/7/2016, Video, 0:05:53
    High level overview of Microsoft's Azure Analysis Services, which is part of Microsoft's overall BI offerings to help organizations gain insights from their data.
  3. 1/30/2017, Video, 0:17:04
    Learn about getting an unfair advantage with predictive analytics: Built on the proven analytics engine in Microsoft SQL Server Analysis...
  4. 12/8/2016, Blog
    Azure Analysis Services is a new preview service in Microsoft Azure where you can host semantic data models. Users in your organization can then connect to your data models...
  5. 1/19/2017, Video, 0:12:21
    Christian Wade returns to Azure Friday to speak with Scott Hanselman about the rich programmability APIs and automation opportunities in Azure Analysis Services that are built...

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Azure Documentation

1. Analysis Services Documentation
2. Overview
     2.1. About Analysis Services
     2.2. Supported data sources
     2.3. Authentication and user permissions
     2.4. Connecting to on-premises data sources
     2.5. Compatibility level
     2.6. High availability
3. Get started
     3.1. Create a server in Azure portal
     3.2. Create a server with Azure PowerShell
     3.3. Deploy a model from Visual Studio
     3.4. Create a model in Azure portal (preview)
4. How-to
     4.1. Install and configure an on-premises data gateway
     4.2. Import a Power BI Desktop file
     4.3. Backup and restore
     4.4. Refresh with REST API
     4.5. Configure scale-out
     4.6. Automate administrative tasks
          4.6.1. Create service principle - Azure portal
          4.6.2. Create service principle - PowerShell
          4.6.3. Add a service principle to server administrator role
     4.7. Server management
          4.7.1. Configure a server name alias
          4.7.2. Manage a server
          4.7.3. Manage database users
          4.7.4. Manage server administrators
          4.7.5. Monitor server metrics
          4.7.6. Setup diagnostic logging
     4.8. Connect
          4.8.1. Get client libraries
          4.8.2. Connect with Excel
          4.8.3. Connect with Power BI
          4.8.4. Create an .odc file
     4.9. Tutorials
          4.9.1. 1 - Add a sample model
          4.9.2. Data modeling - Adventure Works tutorial
      1 - Create a tabular model project
      2 - Get data
      3 - Mark as Date Table
      4 - Create relationships
      5 - Create calculated columns
      6 - Create measures
      7 - Create Key Performance Indicators
      8 - Create perspectives
      9 - Create hierarchies
      10 - Create partitions
      11 - Create roles
      12 - Analyze in Excel
      13 - Deploy
      Supplemental lesson - Detail Rows
      Supplemental lesson - Dynamic security
      Supplemental lesson - Ragged hierarchies
5. Reference
     5.1. Azure PowerShell
     5.2. REST
     5.3. DAX
     5.4. Power Query M
     5.5. Tabular Model Scripting Language (TMSL)
6. Resources
     6.1. Samples
     6.2. Analysis Services team blog
     6.3. Azure Analysis Services forum
     6.4. Azure Roadmap
     6.5. Azure status
     6.6. Feedback
     6.7. Pricing
     6.8. Pricing calculator
     6.9. Stackoverflow
     6.10. Videos

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Date Title Length
1/3/2018 Azure Friday | Azure Analysis Services Scale Out & Diagnostics 0:12:18
1/3/2018 Azure Analysis Services Scale Out & Diagnostics 0:12:17
12/4/2017 Cloud Tech 10 - 4th December 2017 - Location Based Services, Azure Migrate and more! 0:04:26
11/21/2017 Azure Friday | Azure Analysis Services: Desktop PowerBI to the Cloud 0:05:58
11/21/2017 Azure Analysis Services: Desktop PowerBI to the Cloud 0:05:56
11/14/2017 Azure Friday: Azure Analysis Services Visual Model Editor 0:10:13
11/14/2017 Azure Analysis Services Visual Model Editor 0:10:12
11/13/2017 Cloud Tech 10 - 13th November 2017 - Grafana, Linux FUSE Adapter, Azure Stack and more! 0:06:15
9/30/2017 How to provide business insight from your data using Azure Analysis Services 0:19:50
9/29/2017 Architect your big data solutions with SQL Data Warehouse and Azure Analysis Services 1:08:16

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