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Application logic is often provided as an API instead of via an interface usable by end users. API Management can help with marketing an API. Provisioned APIs can be assigned permissions, supplemented by converting input and output values, and supplied with product-specific SLAs. The usage of APIs can be monitored, evaluated, and billed accordingly as necessary. The provisioned API can be operated on Azure or externally.

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  1. 9/27/2016, Webpage
    API Management provides the core competencies to ensure a successful API program through developer engagement, business insights, analytics, security and protection. This...
  2. 5/11/2016, Video, 0:11:56
    A quick tour of the key features of Azure's new API Management capability. In under 11 minutes you'll see how you can manage a new API, project modern formats and even protect...
  3. 5/11/2016, Video, 0:20:05
    Azure API Management provides a REST API for performing operations on selected entities, such as APIs, users, groups, products, and subscriptions. The API can be used for...
  4. 2/10/2017, Video, 1:18:43
    Azure API management allows micro service implementation, moving common development pitfalls from backend services to a global high scalable API gateway fully integrated with...
  5. 5/6/2018, Video, 1:11:42
    Make your colleagues gasp at how fast you can put together a sophisticated integration solution in no time using the power of Azure. Learn how our Azure integration services...

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API Management Documentation

1. Overview
     1.1. About API Management
2. Quickstarts
     2.1. Create an instance - Portal
     2.2. Create an instance - PowerShell
3. Tutorials
     3.1. 1 - Import your first API
     3.2. 2 - Create and publish a product
     3.3. 3 - Mock API responses
     3.4. 4 - Protect your API
     3.5. 5 - Monitor published APIs
     3.6. 6 - Debug your APIs
     3.7. 7 - Add revisions
     3.8. 8 - Add multiple versions
     3.9. 9 - Customize the Developer portal
4. Samples
     4.1. Policies
     4.2. Azure PowerShell
5. Concepts
     5.1. Terminology
     5.2. Policies
          5.2.1. Overview
          5.2.2. Policy reference index
     5.3. Manage using automation
     5.4. Error handling
     5.5. API import restrictions
6. How-to guides
     6.1. Define APIs 
          6.1.1. Add an API manually
          6.1.2. Import an OpenAPI Specification
          6.1.3. Import a SOAP API
          6.1.4. Import a SOAP API and convert to REST
          6.1.5. Import an API App
          6.1.6. Import a Function App
          6.1.7. Import a Logic App
          6.1.8. Import a Service Fabric app
          6.1.9. Edit an API
     6.2. Provision and scale
          6.2.1. Capacity metric
          6.2.2. Upgrade and scale
          6.2.3. Configure autoscale
          6.2.4. Configure a custom domain
     6.3. Cache
          6.3.1. Add caching to improve performance
     6.4. Secure your backend
          6.4.1. Protect your API with Azure AD
          6.4.2. Connect to a virtual network
          6.4.3. Connect to an internal virtual network
          6.4.4. Integrate Application Gateway in an internal VNET
          6.4.5. Mutual Certificate authentication
          6.4.6. Manage protocols and ciphers
     6.5. Customize the developer experience
          6.5.1. Modify page content and layout
          6.5.2. Customize system pages using templates
          6.5.3. Authentication with Azure AD
          6.5.4. Authentication with Azure AD B2C
          6.5.5. Delegated authentication
          6.5.6. E-mail notifications and templates
          6.5.7. Enable console OAuth support
     6.6. Define policies
          6.6.1. Set or edit policies
          6.6.2. Policy expressions
          6.6.3. Custom caching
          6.6.4. Advanced monitoring
          6.6.5. Advanced request throttling
          6.6.6. Using external services
          6.6.7. Manage secrets using properties
          6.6.8. Secure APIs using client certificate authentication
          6.6.9. Access restriction policies
          6.6.10. Advanced policies
          6.6.11. Authentication policies
          6.6.12. Caching policies
          6.6.13. Cross-domain policies
          6.6.14. Transformation policies
     6.7. Template reference
          6.7.1. Templates
          6.7.2. APIs
          6.7.3. Products
          6.7.4. Applications
          6.7.5. Issues
          6.7.6. User profile
          6.7.7. Pages
          6.7.8. Template resources
     6.8. Data model reference
     6.9. Page controls
     6.10. Manage in production
          6.10.1. Manage groups
          6.10.2. Deploy to multiple Azure regions
          6.10.3. Log events to Azure Event Hubs
          6.10.4. Log requests with Azure Application Insights
          6.10.5. Set up DR using backup/restore
          6.10.6. Manage user accounts
          6.10.7. Configure using Git
          6.10.8. Use role-based access control
          6.10.9. Use Managed Service Identity
          6.10.10. Integrate with Service Fabric
7. Reference
     7.1. Azure PowerShell
     7.2. REST
     7.3. REST (original)
8. Resources
     8.1. FAQ
     8.2. Regional availability
     8.3. API design guidance
     8.4. API implementation guidance
     8.5. MSDN forum
     8.6. Stack Overflow
     8.7. Videos
     8.8. Roadmap
     8.9. Power BI solution template for API Management
     8.10. Blog
     8.11. Feature requests

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6/3/2015 Einführung in Microsoft Azure–Advanced Services


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Backup Azure API Management Automation Script This Azure Automation runbook automates Azure API Management backup to Blob storage and deletes old backups from blob storage. This is a PowerShell runbook, as opposed to a PowerShell Workflow runbook.


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