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N-tier application in multiple Azure regions for high availability
3/13/2020, Manual
This reference architecture shows a set of proven practices for running an N-tier application in multiple Azure regions, in order to achieve availability and a robust disaster recovery infrastructure.
Microservices architecture on Azure Service Fabric
3/12/2020, Manual
This reference architecture shows a microservices architecture deployed to Azure Service Fabric. It shows a basic cluster configuration that can be the starting point for most deployments.
Windows N-tier application on Azure with SQL Server
3/12/2020, Manual
This reference architecture shows how to deploy virtual machines (VMs) and a virtual network configured for an N-tier application, using SQL Server on Windows for the data tier.
Connect an on-premises network to Azure using ExpressRoute
3/12/2020, Manual
This reference architecture shows how to connect an on-premises network to virtual networks on Azure, using Azure ExpressRoute. ExpressRoute connections use a private, dedicated connection through a third-party connectivity provider. The private connection extends your on-premises network into Azure.
On-premises network connected to Azure using a VPN gateway
3/10/2020, Manual
This reference architecture shows how to extend a network from on premises or from Azure Stack into an Azure virtual network, using a site-to-site virtual private network (VPN). Traffic flows between the on-premises network and Azure through an IPSec VPN tunnel or through the Azure Stack multitenant VPN gateway.
Extend an on-premises Active Directory domain to Azure
3/10/2020, Manual
This architecture shows how to extend an on-premises Active Directory domain to Azure to provide distributed authentication services.
Hub-spoke network topology with shared services in Azure
3/6/2020, Manual
This reference architecture builds on the hub-spoke reference architecture to include shared services in the hub that can be consumed by all spokes.
Network DMZ between Azure and an on-premises datacenter
3/5/2020, Manual
This reference architecture shows a secure hybrid network that extends an on-premises network to Azure. The architecture implements a DMZ, also called a perimeter network, between the on-premises network and an Azure virtual network. All inbound and outbound traffic passes through Azure Firewall.
Integrate on-premises AD domains with Azure AD
3/4/2020, Manual
This reference architecture shows best practices for integrating on-premises Active Directory domains with Azure AD to provide cloud-based identity authentication.
Hub-Spoke Network Topology
3/4/2020, Manual
This reference architecture shows how to implement a hub-spoke topology in Azure. The hub is a virtual network in Azure that acts as a central point of connectivity to your on-premises network. The spokes are virtual networks that peer with the hub, and can be used to isolate workloads. Traffic flows between the on-premises datacenter and the hub through an ExpressRoute or VPN gateway connection.
Azure Virtual Datacenter: Lift and Shift Guide
3/13/2018, Manual
This guide is intended for enterprise IT architects and executives. Using the lens of the physical datacenter, the guide discusses an approach to designing secure, trusted virtual datacenters on the Azure platform. Azure Virtual Datacenter is not a specific product or service but rather a way to think about cloud infrastructures. It offers proven practices and guidance to help smooth your migration to the cloud. At the end of this guide, you can learn about the upcoming Virtual Datacenter Automation guidance. This guidance includes a collection of scripts and Azure Resource Manager...
3/13/2018, TechNet Gallery
Microsoft Azure has the option to enable Accelerated Networking on VM's. This script can be used to enable/disable this feature on your Azure VM's.
8/7/2017, TechNet Gallery
This scripts let to modify azure network adaptor by letting you delete, recreate and export adaptors in an Azure resource group.
7/6/2017, Manual
Azure TCO Calculator
2/24/2017, Manual
This course, Managing Infrastructure with Microsoft Azure - Getting Started, equips the new Azure administrator with the skills needed to be successful deploying infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) applications and services. First, you'll learn to deploy Azure virtual machines (VMs) by using the Azure Portal, Windows PowerShell, and the Azure Command-Line Interface (CLI). Second, you will perform configuration management on those VMs. Last, you will learn how to enhance Azure system security and understand how to monitor and troubleshoot your Azure services. By the end of this course,...
9/30/2016, Manual
Want to know the basics of Microsoft Azure? Join MVP Corey Hynes as he delivers the first in a series of courses designed to teach you all about Azure. Explore foundational concepts in this Azure training. Learn why Azure exists and what problems it solves for startups and for Fortune 500 companies. Plus, take a look at other high-level conceptual topics related to Azure implementation. Then, learn about Microsoft accounts, organizational accounts, Azure accounts, subscriptions, and Azure Active Directories. And get the details on users, subscription and organizational roles, and common...
9/30/2016, Manual
Exploring environments for your virtual machines and applications? Check out this practical Microsoft Azure Virtual Network course, one in a series of Azure training courses hosted by MVP Corey Hynes. Take a close look at virtual networking, and learn what virtual networks are and how we implement them in Microsoft Azure. Get the details on tools and methods for managing your Azure Virtual Network, IP addressing, and point-to-point connectivity. Plus, review other high-level concepts around virtual networking.
7/8/2016, Manual
If you’d like to see how and why Microsoft IT is migrating its application portfolio to the public cloud, be sure to view this webinar. Plus, see what steps it’s taking to improve network performance and reliability. Watch Principal Network Architect David Lef, as he talks about the network architecture Microsoft IT is using to embrace cloud computing. See how Microsoft does IT in its global workplace.
12/30/2015, MVA
By now, you have heard of Microsoft Azure and have probably also heard a lot of the associated terminology, like virtual networks, web apps, worker roles, virtual machines, Azure Active Directory, compute, REST APIs, blobs, and more. Watch this demo-packed session, and learn what Azure is, wh
12/14/2015, MVA
What’s driving business transformation in the cloud-first world? Technology innovation! And Windows Server, System Center, and Microsoft Azure can play a pivotal role. To accelerate value and to stay ahead of the competition, you need infrastructure that unleashes application innovation and you need
8/10/2015, MVA
Learn how to leverage Microsoft Azure infrastructure capabilities. If you are an IT Pro, no need to have a previous experience with Azure. The course walkthrough creating and configuring Azure Virtual Machines, Azure Virtual Networks and cross-premises connectivity to get things up and running on th
7/17/2015, Manual
Startseite für Virtual Network auf MSDN
6/4/2015, MVA
IT Pros, are you curious about how moving to the cloud might give your organization cost benefits, with greater scale and flexibility? But does that move sound scary? Join this group of Microsoft experts who will show you how to take that journey to the cloud one step at a time. Learn how your organ
5/20/2015, Holger Sirtls Blog
Malte Lantin und ich haben in den letzten Wochen unser Cloud Camp als Kurs in der Microsoft Virtual Academy produziert. Dieser Kurs ist jetzt verfügbar und kann über den folgenden Link absolviert werden: http://www.microsoftvirtualacademy.com/training-courses/microsoft-azure-basic-services In dem Kurs behandeln wir die zentralen Dienste von Microsoft Azure, d.h. die Dienste, die wohl die meisten Anwender primär nutzen: Azure Compute Services Azure Data Services Azure Networking Der Kurs ist aufgeteilt in vier Module, neben einem Überblick je ein Modul pro Service-Gruppe: ...
2/1/2015, Manual
This document is a guide to enhancing network communications security to better protect virtual infrastructure and data and applications deployed in Microsoft Azure
1/20/2015, MVA
If you're an IT Pro who needs guidance configuring Azure multi-site virtual private networks (VPNs), check out this course. Get a general overview of networking in Azure, and cover all the steps required to set up VPNs in Azure. Explore deployment planning, connectivity testing, monitoring, and more
1/20/2015, MVA
Azure Networking Fundamentals for IT Pros
12/18/2014, MVA
Establish Microsoft Azure IaaS Technical Fundamentals
12/18/2014, MVA
Get the details on network, storage, and automation, as you continue the deep dive into the supporting technologies that light up Azure IaaS. In this second in a series of Azure IaaS trainings for IT Pros, explore networking and hybrid connectivity to extend your datacenter, see why storage is the f
12/17/2014, MVA
Dive Deep into Networking Storage and Disaster Recovery Scenarios
9/26/2014, MVA
IT Pros, are you planning to expand your datacenter into the cloud or exploring the possibility? Want to learn what it would take? In this course, get the information you need. Experts Aleksandar Đorđević and Predrag Jelesijević walk you through an overview and explore key scenarios in Microsoft Azu
9/25/2014, MVA
Microsoft Azure: Site-to-Site VPN
7/23/2014, MVA
Este curso ensina como criar VPNs no Microsoft Azure