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Stream processing pipeline with Azure Stream Analytics
3/24/2020, Manual
This reference architecture shows an end-to-end stream processing pipeline. The pipeline ingests data from two sources, correlates records in the two streams, and calculates a rolling average across a time window. The results are stored for further analysis.
Azure IoT reference architecture
3/6/2020, Manual
This reference architecture shows a recommended architecture for IoT applications on Azure using PaaS (platform-as-a-service) components.
5/24/2017, Manual
This data analysis course teaches you how to use Microsoft Azure technologies like Event Hubs, IoT Hubs, and Stream Analytics to build real-time Internet-of-Things (IoT) solutions at scale.
5/5/2017, Manual
Ready to learn more about Internet of Things (IoT)? Join expert Jeremy Foster for this Azure IoT overview, and find out how to get started. Explore the fundamentals of IoT and the Azure IoT platform, and see how the Azure IoT Hub service easily connects devices to the cloud. Building on this foundational knowledge of the Azure IoT architecture, take a look at the hardware, software, and services that make your IoT solutions come to life. Learn how to implement cloud-to-device and device-to-cloud messaging, and review some basic device programming using the Azure IoT Device SDKs. Wrap up...
1/16/2017, Manual
If you’d like to learn how to architect solutions in Cortana Intelligence Suite and how to build intelligence into your applications, don’t miss this workshop! Build an end-to-end solution to predict flight delays, taking into account the weather forecast, based on an in-depth scenario, in which a business travel company looks to differentiate itself and to provide added value to its corporate customers. Join Microsoft Architects Todd Kitta and Jin Cho for a look at several components that are part of Cortana Intelligence Suite, including Azure Machine Learning, Azure Data Factory,...
11/21/2016, Manual
Want to learn about cutting-edge data science technologies—Azure Machine Learning and Azure Stream Analytics? Join experts Christopher Harrison and Jeff Prosise for this course, which is part of an exciting new series from Wintellect and Microsoft, and see how these technologies can help you, as a developer, to build more intelligent apps. Walk through the platforms and features, and then see real-world implementation examples, from a developer standpoint. Learn the steps involved in creating and publishing a model, explore building and connecting the app to that model, and see how to...
9/30/2016, Manual
Want to set up real-time analytic computations on data streaming from devices, sensors, websites, social media, apps, and more? Check out this demo-filled, hands-on Azure Stream Analytics training course, part of an exciting new series from Wintellect and Microsoft. Join expert Jeff Prosise for a fast start on Azure Stream Analytics, a fully managed cloud-based service for analyzing constantly changing streams of data in real time. Learn how, as part of the Microsoft Azure family of data services, it's capable of ingesting millions of events per second, while allowing you to analyze...
6/2/2016, Manual
Build 2016 Workshops: Azure Data Services
3/7/2016, Manual
Sammlung von Hands-on-Labs zu Azure Data Services (Machine Learning, HDInsicht, Stream Analytics, DocumentDB etc.)
4/30/2015, Internet of Things
Although there is a great deal of hype around Internet of Things (IoT), it is also true that there is actual substance. The enabling technologies … Read more »