Empower remote productivity with Windows Virtual Desktop | Azure Hybrid Virtual Event
Watch how Microsoft #Azure can help your organization securely and seamlessly support remote workers. Azure VPN Gateway and Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) offers a desktop and app virtualization...
Protect users from common remote work attacks | Microsoft Secure Score updates (WFH 2020)
The security and threat landscape has changed with more of us working from home. Attackers are getting more sophisticated in both luring victims and hiding automated commands. Equally, the...
Azure Routing explained in plain English with a story in 10 mins-User Defined Routes, Route priority
Everything you ever wanted to know about Azure Routing explained in plain english with an easy to understand story in a super simplified way 1. We will talk about a fictional company Modern Zoo...
Azure Private Link explained in plain english with a story & step by step demo in less than 5 min
This is the ridiculously simple animated explanation of Azure Private Link ( Private Endpoint and Private Link Service ) using a story analogy and a step by step demo in less than 5 minutes for...
Complete Overview of Azure Virtual Network Peering
In this new 360 in 360 video I walk through Azure Virtual Network peering including enabling peers to talk to each other, enabling connectivity to other connected networks and key permission...
360 in 360 - Azure Virtual Network
A quick overview of Azure Virtual Network fundamentals. All in (nearly) 360 seconds :-)
Preview of the new SMB over QUIC capabilities coming to Microsoft Windows, Windows Server, and Azure. This demo shows the user experience and network behaviors of SMB when we replace TCP/IP with...
Azure Unblogged - Replace your file server with a serverless Azure file share!
You can already extend your on-premises file servers into Azure using Azure File Sync, but now you can completely decommission those old on-premises file servers and replace them with serverless...
Azure Virtual NAT Gateway
Virtual Network NAT (network address translation) simplifies outbound-only Internet connectivity for virtual networks. When configured on a subnet, all outbound connectivity uses your specified...
Azure Virtual Network Overview
This video walks through the basics of virtual networks in Azure including connectivity, peering, NSGs, service endpoints, Azure Private Link and more with demos throughout.
Private Link Support for Open Source Database in Azure
Private Link allows you to connect to various PaaS services in Azure via a private endpoint. Azure Private Link essentially brings Azure services inside your private Virtual Network (VNet). The...
Application proxy: The hidden gem of Microsoft 365 | THR3065
The end of the VPN nears. The solution in Azure Active Directory gets little attention, while it is one of those things that may have the biggest impact on how users access internal resources. In...