CDS and .NET
From console to mobile to web apps to services, learn how to use the Common Data Service when building .NET apps. This will be a demo heavy session that include Azure Functions, using it in...
Creating Direct Query Power BI reports with the Common Data Services
Common Data Service (CDS) is a native data store for Power Platform applications. This video illustrates how to use the preview of the TDS endpoint for CDS enabling near real time Power BI...
Building Azure Apps using the Common Data Service | INT154A
In this session, we'll discuss why to use the Common Data Service for building business apps, vs starting from scratch. From there, we'll dig into how you can use the Common Data Service as a...
Portals is now available
10/1/2019, Power Apps
Microsoft is excited to announce Portals, a new capability of the Power Platform and a low-code Portal that allows you to extend Common Data Service (CDS) to external users. In this video, you'll...
Innovate and get your apps in front of 100 Million business users with AppSource, PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, and the Common Data Service
5/4/2017, Build 2017
Learn how to build custom connectors and APIs that promote application extensibility and deeper data integration by leveraging PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, and the Common Data Service for a richer...
Building and distributing solutions built on Microsoft PowerApps, Flow, and CDS
5/4/2017, Build 2017
Join this session to learn how easy it is to build rich applications with PowerApps without writing code, quickly automate workflows with Microsoft Flow, and learn how to leverage the Common Data...
Empowering businesses with the Microsoft Business Application Platform tier of PowerApps, Microsoft Flow and CDS
5/4/2017, Build 2017
In today's fast-paced world it is important for business to be able to adapt and change at a rapid pace. With the Microsoft Business Application Platform, citizen developers and professional...
PowerApps and the Common Data Service
2/9/2017, Azure Friday
Arif Kureshy joins Scott Hanselman to show how to use the Common Data Service (CDS) with PowerApps. CDS provides an out-of-the-box entity model and storage for PowerApps. All the tools for...