Using Azure Cognitive Services to create more accessible experiences | Azure Friday
Henk Boelman joins Scott Hanselman to discuss how AI can help to create more accessible experiences with Azure Machine Learning, Azure Cognitive Services, and Azure Media Services. They will look...
Azure Media Services
Please join this webinar to learn about Azure Media Services which is a cloud-based platform that enables you to build solutions that achieve broadcast-quality video streaming, enhance...
Deep Dive: Live Video Analytics on IoT Edge
9/22/2020, IoT Show
Premieres: December 2nd, 9am-10am PDT with live Q&A and on-demand following the event.Deep Dives are interactive technical live and on-demand events for developers, architects, or anyone building...
Building an automatic video converter with Azure Media Services (AMS) - (stream 88)
In this session, Frank is sharing the code for an Azure Automatic Video Converter project using Azure Media Services, Azure Logic Apps and Azure Functions. He will migrate the code in GitHub and...
Azure Media Services: WebVTT Closed Captions Generation & Playback
Azure Media Indexer enables you to make content of your media files searchable and to generate a full-text transcript for closed captioning and keywords. You can process one media file or...
Video encoding and streaming using Azure Media Services
Azure Media Services makes it easy to use high-definition video encoding and streaming services to reach your audiences on today’s most popular devices. Azure Media Services also enables you to...
Live event streaming and employee video portals: how video is changing the way we work and collaborate
9/28/2015, AzureCon 2015
Like spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations before, video has taken over how employers and employees educate, inform, and collaborate with each other. Come hear how our global enterprise...
Getting Started with Azure Media Services
9/28/2015, AzureCon 2015
From live streaming large scale sporting events such as Formula One car racing, Premier League soccer, and the Super Bowl, to the wide distribution of Hollywood and Bollywood premium movie and...
Azure Media Indexer automatically creates transcripts for your media - with Adarsh Solanki
7/9/2015, Azure Friday
Scott talks to Adarsh Solanki about an amazing Azure Media Services feature - Azure Media Indexer! Azure Media Indexer will automatically create standard-format transcript from your audio or...
What's New in Azure Media Services this Year: Indexer, Player, and Live Encoder
4/27/2015, Build 2015
What’s been the most talked about workload on Azure this year? What part of Azure was selected by NBC to stream this year’s Super Bowl to millions of mobile devices? Why Azure Media Services of...
Episode 158: Azure Media Services and Content Protection with Mingfei Yan
10/17/2014, Cloud Cover Show
In this episode Chris Risner and Haishi Bai are joined by Mingfei Yan, a Program Manager on the Azure Media Services team.  Mingfei goes over the two options for protecting your content when...