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Azure Purview | Map, Discover, and Find Insights Across Data Sources
Automatically discover and map data that sits across your Azure data sources, on-premises databases, and SaaS data sources to help you catalog and understand your data, and classify it all in one...
What is Azure Synapse Analytics? Generally Available Today.
Azure Synapse is now generally available. Check out the updates with the release and a first look at additional capabilities coming soon. If you're new to Azure Synapse, it's Microsoft's...
How to see TRUE FULL SCREEN in Microsoft Teams meetings | Demo Tutorial
Want to see content shared with you in full screen during Microsoft Teams meetings? In this remote working tip, Jeremy Chapman demonstrates your options for maximizing inbound content sharing...
Endpoint Data Loss Prevention (DLP) | What it is and how to set it up in Microsoft 365
Extend information protection controls beyond apps and services to device endpoints with Microsoft Endpoint Data Loss Prevention (or DLP). As more and more users work outside the traditional...
Microsoft Productivity Score | Measure organization productivity via Microsoft 365 admin center
Check out the new service, now generally available, that can providing insights into how your organization works and help you accelerate your digital transformation. In this video, Jared Spataro,...
Dynamics 365 Connected Commerce: Intelligent and Personalized Experiences
See how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce supports you in the execution of your digital sales strategy with unified, intelligent, and personalized customer shopping experiences. This includes...
Always-On Service with Dynamics 365 | Power Platform, Chatbots & IoT
Establish an always-on and connected customer and field service approach with Dynamics 365. Vanessa Fournier, Group Product Manager for Dynamics 365, explains how you can use the Dynamics 365...
5G and 4G LTE networking with edge compute | Azure Edge Zones
Options for very low latency networking with Azure Edge Zones. It brings Azure's global network fabric into local metro area data centers, provided by Microsoft or with mobile carriers, and onto...
Azure AI & IoT | Smart Office Reopening with RXR Realty
Reduced COVID-19 risk in the workplace with AI and IoT on the Edge, RXR Realty, New York based real estate company shows the full implementation. Cory Clarke, Product Management VP at RXR, joins...
What is Microsoft Teams? How to use the new version. (2021)
Full tutorial of the end-to-end experience that makes it easier for you to communicate and work more effectively with your teams. Aya Tange, Microsoft Teams Product Manager, joins host Jeremy...
Azure VMware Solution | How to run a complete VMware environment on Azure (2020)
Find out how you can run your VMware workloads natively in Azure with the new Azure VMware Solution. Matt McSpirit, Microsoft Azure Senior Product Manager, joins Jeremy Chapman to show you how to...
Azure Arc & Azure Stack HCI Updates | Anywhere Management
How to enable seamless management across your hybrid and multi-cloud environments, and tap into Azure services locally, by taking advantage of the latest updates to Azure Arc and the newly...