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Azure Cognitive Services for OCR |  GE Aviation's Practical Use Case
Find out how GE Aviation has implemented Azure's Custom Vision to improve the variety and accuracy of document searches through OCR. See the steps they are taking to modernize their on-premises...
Power BI & Azure - Self-Service Report Creation | Humana's Practical Use Case
Duplicate the Power BI and Azure efforts Humana, a US-based health and well-being organization, uses to create a single self-service reporting platform that builds a unified profile of their...
Microsoft Edge Browser: Security, Compatibility, and Update Management (Chromium | 2020)
Take a hands-on tour to experience the security, compatibility, and manageability of the new Microsoft Edge. Edge is based on Chromium and designed to be the best browser for business. Our host,...
Supply Chain & Logistics Management in Dynamics 365
Build a more resilient supply chain with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management (SCM). Now more than ever, it's critical to have real-time insights into supply chain factors. Dynamics 365 SCM gives...
How to migrate .NET apps to Azure App Service
Take a look at the latest options for assessing and migrating your apps and their underlying code into Azure. Azure App Service allows you to bring code and containers straight into Azure and...
Azure Synapse | Fraud Detection Using Big Data Analytics at Clearsale
Watch how Clearsale, a leading fraud detection company in Brazil, is using Azure Synapse to modernize their operational analytics data platform. Clearsale helps customers verify an average of...
Azure AI and Machine Learning | Using Azure Stack Edge to help stop Animal Trafficking
Take a look at Azure Stack Edge and its growing application for AI and machine learning workloads. Find out how it’s being piloted, as part of Microsoft's AI For Good program, at London’s...
Build a Unified Customer Profile with Customer Insights in Dynamics 365 | Customer Data Platform
Want to build a 360 degree view of your customers? Take a tour of Dynamics 365 Customer Insights to see what it is, how to set it up, and how to get predictive recommended actions with Azure...
Protect users from common remote work attacks | Microsoft Secure Score updates (WFH 2020)
The security and threat landscape has changed with more of us working from home. Attackers are getting more sophisticated in both luring victims and hiding automated commands. Equally, the...
Azure Synapse | Anonymized Data Transformation at Southern Company
See how Southern Company, an American gas and electric utility firm, is evaluating Azure Synapse to make it easier to share anonymized data with their analytics partners, and also to strengthen...
Azure Synapse | Predictive Maintenance, Safety, and Efficiency at GE Aviation
A practical use case for Predictive Maintenance, Safety, and Efficiency through Microsoft Azure Synapse. Find out how Azure Synapse is part of the next-generation data and analytics platform...
SQL Server | Best Options for Database Migration using Azure Migrate
Running SQL Server on-premises and looking to move to Azure? Review your best options for assessment and migration. Bob Ward, SQL Server database expert and engineering lead, joins host Jeremy...