Microsoft Ignite

Building modern apps that scale to billions of events with Azure Database | BRK3018
Come learn why customers call Hyperscale (Citus) a game changer (their words, not ours.) With the launch of Hyperscale (Citus), you can now scale out real-time analytics workloads horizontally...
Preparing for growth: Capacity planning and scaling | OPS50
When your growth or the demand for your systems exceeds, or is projected to exceed, your current capacity – that’s a “good” problem to have. However, this can be just as much of a threat to your...
Automate everything: Bring self-service to LEGO robots (Repeat) | THR3004R
The LEGO Robot - Mr. Brick is back! You might know him from conferences such as Microsoft TechEd 2014 and Ignite 2016. Learn how to build a self-service portal for Mr. Brick from scratch! (Tip:...
Customer perspective: Solving the file challenge in Azure with Azure NetApp Files | BRK2378
When faced with challenges deploying workloads to Azure, there are many tools available to help address them, but while learning, you often ask “Has this worked for others?” or “What was their...
Accelerate the value of your infrastructure investments | MLS1009
There are increasing infrastructure options available to power your business, from edge to cloud. It’s important to understand what options allow you to best leverage your existing investments...
Continuous application performance for compute storage SQL and Kubernetes with | THR3172
Microsoft Azure opened up your options to embrace a new way of deploying applications, but how are you assuring performance of those applications and making sure that the right apps are running...
Build a Microsoft Teams app from scratch in 20 minutes (Repeat) | THR2005R
Microsoft Teams is a great platform for internal applications, processes, and workflows. This session starts with nothing more than a command prompt and from there creates a fully fledged...
Automating as a team (Repeat) | THR1001R
If your team works with Infrastructure as Code, PowerShell or other forms of automation, you will have experienced the great power of your coding. It's all fun and games until one mistake brings...
You can innovate because we administrate: Solving your storage challenges in Azure | BRK2380
Deploying your business applications in Microsoft Azure requires infrastructure services that meet the demands of your basic workloads to your most critical business environments. This often can...
Cloud security: Defense in depth | THR3167
See how Kroger is using DivvyCloud to take action to auto-remediate security risks on Microsoft Azure.
Moving 100% to the Cloud: Why when and how | THR2372
Tired of your current sprawling infrastructure strategy? Learn how to transition from managing multiple datacenters around the world to a completely cloud model. In this session, BitTitan CEO...
A Vault for your CI/CD Pipeline | BRK2376
Leveraging, managing, and configuring tokens, keys, certificates, and secrets is a critical part of any deployment process. HashiCorp Vault provides a secure and performant store for protecting...