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Inside Custom Vision AI
The Azure Cognitive Services Face service provides algorithms that detect, recognize, and analyze human faces in images. The ability to process human face information is important in many...
Azure SQL Capacity Planning: Overview | Data Exposed
Whether migrating an existing application or designing a brand new one, capacity planning process plays a critical role. Learn how to navigate across Azure SQL Database options like hardware...
What's new with Neural Text to Speech
We’ll talk about our latest progress on Text to Speech, and how you could use it to enable your apps to speak naturally. More Information: CS Text To Speech ...
Build safer, securer workplaces with IoT during the pandemic
Covid-19 is a reminder of how interconnected humanity is globally. Technology plays a significant role in our interconnected world to elevate human security for all, across countries and...
SQL Server 2019 Improves Scalar UDF Performance | Data Exposed: MVP Edition
Microsoft added several features to SQL Server 2019 that can improve performance without changes to code. One of these is T-SQL Scalar UDF Inlining. The use of UDFs is a red flag when tuning...
//True Stories - Faces
Single moms. Axe throwers. Motorcycle riders. At Microsoft, we believe original work comes from original thinkers, so we bring our whole selves to the job. William Adams hosts refreshingly candid...
Learning How to Transition Your SQL Server Skills to Azure SQL | Data Exposed
Are you interested in learning how to translate your existing SQL Server expertise to Azure SQL including Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Managed Instance? In this episode, Bob Ward, Anna...
Voice-enabled IoT scenarios with Custom Commands
Custom Commands makes it easy to build rich voice commanding apps optimized for voice-first interaction experiences. This session will walk through what Custom Commands is and how to use it for...
Azure SQL Scenarios Challenge #2 | Azure SQL for beginners (Ep. 58)
Join us in our second Azure SQL Scenarios Challenge where we encourage you to share how you would solve this episode's challenge. Post your comments below or on Twitter...
Geo-replication and Auto-failover Groups in Azure SQL | Azure SQL for beginners (Ep. 51)
In this video, learn about Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Managed Instance options and capabilities related to geo-distributed databases in Azure. For the full Azure SQL Fundamentals learning...
Azure SQL Database Deployment Options | Azure SQL for beginners (Ep. 9)
This video dives deeper into the deployment options and service tiers for Azure SQL Database. For the full Azure SQL Fundamentals learning path on Microsoft Learn, visit:...
Deploy and Verify Azure SQL | Azure SQL for beginners (Ep. 13)
Learn in this video how to deploy, connect, and verify your deployment of Azure SQL. You'll also learn about some key implementation details regarding the underlying infrastructure. For the full...