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Creating Your First Azure SQL Database
You need to ensure that you are getting the maximum value and performance from your Azure SQL Database for minimum cost. Learn the differences between the Basic, Standard, and Premium tiers of...
How to Assess Readiness of SQL Server Data Estate Migrating to Azure SQL
With many organizations trying to migrate to Azure, one of the critical and most important tasks is to assess existing on-premise SQL Server instances and identify the right target Azure SQL....
How to Deploy Azure Arc Data Services Anywhere
In this episode of Data Exposed with Tolga Tekin, learn about the ability to deploy Azure Arc Data services via Kubernetes to any hardware platform. [00:55] What is Azure Arc[02:20] Azure data...
Build SQL Database Projects Easily in Azure Data Studio
In this episode with Drew Skwiers-Koballa, you will be introduced to a new experience for database development with the SQL Database Projects extension for Azure Data Studio.  Whether you are...
Infrastructure as Code and Azure – A Match Made in the Cloud (Part 2)
In the second part of this two-part series, Hamish Watson shows us how to use infrastructure as code to deploy an Azure Kubernetes systems cluster. To learn about the many ways to deploy an Azure...
Azure SQL Capacity Planning: Scenarios
Capacity planning plays a critical role in migrating an existing application or designing a new one. In the final part of this three-part series with Silvano Coriani, we'll review various Azure...
Understanding Global VNet Peering Support for Azure SQL Managed Instance
To provide customers with an easier network configuration, all newly created virtual clusters will be enabled for access over global virtual network peering connections, now in general...
Announcing Major Performance Improvements for Azure SQL Managed Instance
In this episode of Data Exposed with Vladimir Ivanovic, he announces a set of major performance improvements for Azure SQL Managed Instances, which enable customers to migrate their more...
Infrastructure as Code and Azure – A Match Made in the Cloud (Part 1)
In the first part of this two-part series with Hamish Watson, we will look at the various methods available to deploy an Azure SQL database including PowerShell, Azure CLI and Terraform. Creating...
How to Secure Azure SQL Database by Setting Minimal TLS Version
In this episode with Rohit Nayak, we will cover the Minimal TLS Version setting for SQL Database. Customers can use these features to enforce a TSL version at the logical server level to meet...
Hybrid Disaster Recovery Scenarios for SQL Server
In the conclusion to this two-part series with Allan Hirt, learn how Azure can be used to create disaster recovery solutions for your on premises Microsoft SQL Server instances and databases...
How to Shut Off Public Connectivity to Azure SQL Database
In this episode with Rohit Nayak, we will cover the Deny Public Network Access setting for SQL Database. Customers can use this setting to block all public access via firewall rules and...