News about Azure

Date Title Type
18.08.2017 Managed Disks Homepage Homepage
18.08.2017 Hybrid IT Management Part 2: Cloud-Enabled Protection Mva
18.08.2017 Join the Free Intel & Microsoft IoT Hands-On Lab on September 19! Blog
18.08.2017 Running XGBoost on Azure HDInsight Blog
18.08.2017 What really happens when HADR_CLUSAPI_CALL wait type is set? Blog
18.08.2017 Optimize Your Content Delivery with Azure CDN Video
18.08.2017 Integrating Azure CDN into Your Azure Workflows Video
17.08.2017 Azure Data Catalog support for relationships and related data assets Blog
17.08.2017 FastTrack for Azure Customer Stories Video
17.08.2017 Azure Serverless end-to-end with Functions, Logic Apps, and Event Grid Video
17.08.2017 Azure Managed VM Images – Using Premium Data Disks Blog
17.08.2017 Microsoft Cloud Red Teaming Whitepaper
17.08.2017 Azure-Linux VM Apache Port Troubleshooting Blog
17.08.2017 Event Grid Description ServiceDescription
17.08.2017 Event Grid Pricing Pricing
17.08.2017 Event Grid Homepage Homepage
16.08.2017 .NET Framework August 2017 Preview of Quality Rollup Blog
16.08.2017 Adding direct agent OMS Workspace and Proxy via PowerShell Blog
16.08.2017 Azure NC Virtual Machines Availability – GPU Compute Blog
16.08.2017 Over 500 extensions in the VSTS/TFS marketplace Blog
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