Exam AZ-500: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies





Candidates for this exam should have subject matter expertise implementing security controls and threat protection, managing identity and access, and protecting data, applications, and networks in cloud and hybrid environments as part of an end-to-end infrastructure.

Responsibilities for an Azure Security Engineer include maintaining the security posture, identifying, and remediating vulnerabilities by using a variety of security tools, implementing threat protection, and responding to security incident escalations.

Azure Security Engineers often serve as part of a larger team dedicated to cloud-based management and security or hybrid environments as part of an end-to-end infrastructure.

A candidate for this exam should have strong skills in scripting and automation; a deep understanding of networking, virtualization, and cloud N-tier architecture; and a strong familiarity with cloud capabilities and products and services for Azure, plus other Microsoft products and services.

Skills Measured

  • Manage identity and access (20-25%)
  • Implement platform protection (35-40%)
  • Manage security operations (15-20%)
  • Secure data and applications (30-35%)

Getting Started

Getting Started

  1. 6/23/2020, Trainings
    Exam AZ-500 Skills Outline
  2. 11/5/2019, Video, 1:15:00
    This Certification Exam Prep session is designed for people experienced with Microsoft Azure who are interested in taking the AZ500 exam. Attendees of this session can expect...

Learning Paths

Secure your cloud applications in Azure
Published: 7/1/2020, Length: 5:36:00
Implement virtual machine host security in Azure
Published: 7/1/2020, Length: 6:04:00

Learning Modules

Protect your APIs on Azure API Management
Published: 5/10/2019, Length: 0:43:00
Protect your back-end APIs from information exposure and implement throttling to prevent resource exhaustion with policies in Azure API Management.

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