About Azure InfoHub

What Azure InfoHub is

  • A little personal development project by a Microsoft employee (as such, there are no implicit or explicit obligations related to it)
  • A resource of publicly available content about Azure (you won’t find any content there that is not available somewhere else). You will find per service...
    • Links to official homepage, SLAs, limits, pricing
    • Short overview
    • Getting started link lists (how to start with using the service)
    • Full content map of the official documentation with links to the documentation
    • Links to videos (on Channel9 and YouTube), online-trainings, tools and StackOverflow questions
  • A link-network between content sources (feeds, Azure doc, Stackoverflow, Youtube etc.) and output channels (the website itself, its RSS-feed-capabilities etc.)

What Azure InfoHub is NOT

  • It is not an official Microsoft resource.
  • It does not contain any content only available there, it only references to other content.
  • It is not a way to “steal” web traffic from other Azure-content-source (it’s the opposite: it’s an attempt to direct traffic to these sources and make content visible/findable on a per-service-basis)
  • It does not have any hard SLAs.

Terms of Use

YouTube Content and Terms of Service

Azure Info Hub lists YouTube content. By using Azure Info Hub, you are agreeing to be bound by the YouTube Terms of Service.