About Azure InfoHub

What Azure InfoHub is

  • A little personal development project by a Microsoft employee (as such, there are no implicit or explicit obligations related to it)
  • A resource of publicly available content about Azure (you won’t find any content there that is not available somewhere else). You will find per service...
    • Links to official homepage, SLAs, limits, pricing
    • Short overview
    • Getting started link lists (how to start with using the service)
    • Full content map of the official documentation with links to the documentation
    • Links to videos (on Channel9 and YouTube), online-trainings, tools and StackOverflow questions
  • A link-network between content sources (feeds, Azure doc, Stackoverflow, Youtube etc.) and output channels (the website itself, its RSS-feed-capabilities etc.)

What Azure InfoHub is NOT

  • It is not an official Microsoft resource.
  • It does not contain any content only available there, it only references to other content.
  • It is not a way to “steal” web traffic from other Azure-content-source (it’s the opposite: it’s an attempt to direct traffic to these sources and make content visible/findable on a per-service-basis)
  • It does not have any hard SLAs.